what is ribbons of red?

Technically, it's a song my grandmother wrote and used to sing around the house when I was little. When she passed away 12 years ago, I created this one-woman design studio, and I've been pushing pixels for photographers ever since!


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Meet Renee

Minimal, heartfelt branding and websites for photographers.

All the visual elements you need to showcase your breathtaking, fine art photography brand are just 4 weeks away (and that means so are your dream clients). Let's create a brand so recognizable it’ll leave you with a trail of admirers. Because personality equals profit

say goodbye to DIY.

It’s time to stop spending time away from your child(ren) wasting countless hours looking for the perfect font for your logo—that doesn’t seem to exist.
(It does.) 

It’s time to stop hiding your website (ehm, like a Target receipt) and pretending your Instagram feed is your brand’s home base.
(It's not.)

It's time to start cuddling your babies again (hey, the ones with fur count!) and shift your focus back on your art (I’m talking the photographic kind—I repeat, put the font down!) because those are the things you truly love

(Hey, I'm an 8 on the Enneagram—that's what we do!)

let me give it to you straight

It's time to stop laying in bed at night listening to that relentless inner critic who says, "You will never get your branding right. You're not cut out for this whole small business thing."
(You are, I promise!)

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Design Soulmate?

You're in!

Take a deep breath, look around, and remember where you're at. Because this about to be one of those the student-becomes-the-teacher moments. Let's whip that brand of yours into serious shape!

— Betsy Blue
(@betsyblue) 10K

"I have learned so much from you, and I am so grateful. I am infatuated with my brand. The brand mark is my favorite part, and I truly just want that everywhere! Thank you, love—so much gratitude for all your genius and hard work!"


“Renee! You are my actual hero right now! This design is next level! Seriously! I could not be more proud and more confident presenting myself to a higher-end clientele because of what you created for me. I truly appreciate you, and I can’t thank you enough!”


— Belle Lumierè Magazine
(@bellelumieremagazine) 54K

"I know firsthand (because I tried) that designing is not an easy task! The intentional, thoughtful touches you sprinkled throughout. The perfect, French vibe. Every time you design something for me, it blows me away! I absolutely love it!"


— my kids
(instagramless, forever!) 0K

"She’s really hard working and gives the best hugs."


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This is where I'm going to write my freebie copy. You know, how mine is better than the rest? (Because it is!) You won't find any fluff freebies here! Nope. Never.