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Jan 21

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The Great Website Debate. Together or Separate?

Q: Should my website and blog be together or separate? I’m not sure which is best for my business or brand.

Imagine being married.
Now imagine living in two separate houses.

That’s what having a separate website and blog is like. Your brand is disconnected, but worst of all, you’re trying to build your business and gain clients with a brand that’s ripped in half.

You’re committing what I call, brand divorce.

Contrary to popular belief, web design is not art. Should a site be a beautiful masterpiece? Absolutely! But pretty does not make a successful business or brand. There is far more to design than just it’s pretty face. Design is actually used to solve problems. I want more ideal clients. I want to make more money. I want to be seen. In order to solve these dilemmas, designers need to abide by some pretty important rules first. And having a combined website and blog is at the top of that list.

The short story: Having a combined website and blog creates a consistent online presence, is better for SEO, helps potential clients stay on your site longer, costs less, and saves you time.

More People Will Trust You
Branding has the power to convey that you are talented, capable, trustworthy, and professional. Branding also has the power to convey messiness, carelessness, and questionability.

A combined website and blog creates a consistent and seamless brand, but a separate website and blog promotes an inconsistent one. An inconsistent brand will make potential clients think, “Why would this photographer care about me, when they don’t even care about their own image?”

This is what makes people question if you can be trusted with their cherished memories or big day. It has less to do with your talent, and more to do with the message your brand is putting out.

More Clients Will Find You
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how people find you online via Yahoo, Google, and other search engines. If you have a separate website and blog, your two sites are actually competing against each other on Google, instead of working together.

A combined website and blog is better for SEO because it acts as one big super site, where all your keywords, blog posts, text, and images are under one roof. Search engines love this and will often reward you with a stronger page rank.

More Time Will Be Spent On Your Site
Even if you really know and love your potential clients, you still only have a few seconds to grab their attention. How your site is built matters greatly because you want to maximize the amount of time you get with these important people. After all, they fulfill your creative itch and help you pay the bills.

Having a separate blog, gives your potential clients a 50/50 chance at missing your website completely and vice versa. Do not give people the opportunity to only know half of you or you will miss out on wonderful opportunities.

When your website and blog are one entity, everything is at your fingertips. If people can find what they need in one place, browsing your website is more of an experience. Information will be found quicker too, which means your potential clients have more time to spend on your site looking through your images and getting to know you.

More Money Saved; More Time To Shoot
Stop paying for two website addresses and extra hosting. Save time by updating one site, instead of two, so you can get back to doing more of what you love—shooting.

Have a question of your own? Email us, we’d love to help you!

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